Your property is in desperate need of a makeover. From the spaces to your systems and processes. It's costing you more cash than you want to admit and it's time to do something about it. 

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I work with hotels, resorts and wedding venues worldwide to refresh their look, create and establish best practices, increase revenue + more!

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A BOLD new approach to the business of events. Brazen Collective is a collection of wedding and event venues who take client and guest experience to the next level. 


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My direct tell-it-like-it-is approach means we don't waste time with fluff and filler. Instead, we take charge, make changes and radically transform your business. 


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From branding and business ideas to marketing and money, you can catch me live & in-person at my next speaking gig. 

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I'm a hospitality junkie. Yep, self-diagnosed lover of all things related to luxury experiences. And I'm even more obsessed with the business of hospitality. From incredible hotels and destinations to five-star dining experiences and lavish weddings, I love the behind the scenes as much as I do the actual experience. 


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Hi, I'm Rayna