I like to shake things up a bit.

I know you have an inner badass that wants BIG things. Like, really BIG things.

I help show you just how awesome, and badass, you really are. I speak on topics like fear, money blocks and what it takes to build a solid business with killer branding. 

I get real about how manifesting helped me to get my business to over $1M in revenue! 

Manifest the Money


Learn how to harness it Instead!  Watch what happens when you take back your control.

what I Speak about: 


Why it's time to carve your own path to the business of your dreams. Everyone will get out of your way, because you're a BULLDOZER. 






Small groups making big change in individual businesses and lives.

Live in-person events are back! 



Dreamy destinations & radical reinvention = a match made in paradise. 

Work with me to create a program that cultivates change. 

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KY-IN-OH Meetings

Fun, dynamic and energetic speaker for your next local in-person meeting! I hold nothing back and get real about my 15 year journey in the weddings, events and hospitality industries 




"Rayna truly captures the essence of storytelling."

"I have always been impressed with how she knows what her customer is thinking. She has a true passion for this industry and what it takes to make the best out of any situation. She's the real deal. If you can count on anyone, you can count on Rayna."


"The time I spent with Rayna was extremely valuable—she helps you think outside the box in a fun, personable way."

“I had the pleasure of working with Rayna as a business coach in a small group setting. Would highly recommend her services!”


Need More Convincing?  No Prob


5 Every Day Ways To Be BOLD & Brazen.


3 Things My Business Coach Taught Me

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